Dr. Yannick Oswald

Dr. Yannick Oswald


I have a PhD in Quantitative Ecological Economics with a focus on distributional analysis, inequality of energy demand and carbon emissions as well as modelling of redistribution policies.

Prior to my PhD, I earned a M.Sc. in International Sustainable Development with a focus on system science and energy economics. 

Currently, I work as a Research Fellow in the DUST-project on data assimilation for agent-based models.


  • Research Fellow DUST project

Research interests

My research interests broadly span complex social and economic systems, their interactions and emergent properties. I am also keen to apply my research to contemporary global challenges.

I maintain interests in the relationship between the economy and climate change, global resource use patterns, economic policies (such as for instance carbon taxation and taxation of luxury goods), as well as agent-based models of socio-ecological systems. 

Currently, I specifically work on data assimilation for agent-based models in the DUST-project. The principal idea is to make agent-based models better predictors of social and economic processes and events. 

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