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Yinan Lang

Yinan Lang is a Masters student, currently studying the Food Science and Nutrition MSc at the School of Food Science and Nutrition.

Yinan has harboured a deep interest for the University of Leeds since her teenage years, sparked by her cousins study abroad experience at Leeds.

Choosing Food Science and Nutrition

Whilst Yinan was working as a clinical dietician in China, she discovered there was a potential relationship between food processing and various ailments.

“I decided to switch to a major that would equip me with an understanding of food processing and analysis techniques, as well as allow me to continue exploring nutrition concepts.”

Laboratory work is the most exciting aspect of the course for Yinan.

“In China, the proverb ‘real knowledge comes from practice’ holds great significance. The majority of our courses are supplemented with practical laboratory exercises.”

“The laboratory practise not only allows us to implement the theoretical knowledge acquired in class, but also exposes us to a vast array of advanced food analysis equipment.”

Contributing to our daily lives

Our research and models align closely with the present societal advancements.

Yinan Lang

“Given the rising cases of CVD and obesity, it becomes imperative for us to delve deeper into ways to mitigate the risk of these ailments to human health.”

Living in Leeds

“Leeds city is suitable and safe city for international students, I deeply appreciate the amiable nature of its people towards international students and the diverse culture the city boasts of.”

“The living amenities and transportation system are incredibly convenient, which is a huge plus. It's also effortless for us to explore nearby cities during weekends.”

The future

Yinan would like to utilize her professional expertise and skills in the field of human nutrition and health to mitigate the adverse effects of non-communicable diseases on human beings.

Yinan is confident that developing critical thinking and academic writing skills will greatly benefit her future academic field.

“Also, the ability of teamwork will enable me to cooperate in a team. Effective communication within a group setting will also undoubtedly prove advantageous in my future professional aspirations.”

Advice for students

Don't hesitate to select Food Science and Nutrition as your major if you're intrigued by the wonders of this field, just like me. Trust me, you won't regret your decision! I feel privileged to be a part of this programme.

Yinan Lang

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