Faculty of Environment Partnership Awards 2022

On Thursday 28th April the Faculty of Environment held their Partnership Awards Ceremony celebrating the achievements and dedication of students and staff.

We are pleased to announce the finalists (Faculty winners) for each category below, who will go forward for the Leeds Partnership Awards in May. 

The Faculty of Environment Partnership awards are part of the Leeds Partnership Awards, organised by Leeds University Union

The Partnership Awards are all about recognising the great things that our staff and students do to make the University a vibrant academic community.  Our winners and nominees across the 12 categories demonstrate just some of the things that help ensure that our students have an exceptional learning experience.

The group of staff and students involved in selecting the Faculty of Environment winners were impressed by the ideas, enthusiasm and dedication set out in the nominations, and how they reflected the spirit of partnership working between staff and students.

Student Academic Rep of the year 

The School, Course, or Postgraduate Research Rep who has actively worked in partnership with others to secure positive, student-led change that makes a real difference to both students and staff.

Winner: Yunpiao (Sandy) Hou, School of Food Science and Nutrition

Highly commended: Carys Simpson, School of Earth and Environment


The student, staff member or group who uses innovative methods and approaches to engage and excite others or solve problems.  

Winner: Lisa Marshall, School of Food Science and Nutrition (Academic staff)

Equality and Inclusion 

The Equality and Inclusion Award encapsulates both the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union’s values.  Grounded in the belief that every student, regardless of background, should feel like they belong within the Leeds community.
Nominations in this category will recognise the work of people working inclusively, either in their everyday work or through initiatives to create a sense of belonging.  

Staff winner: Sophie Renville, Faculty of Environment, Student Success Officer

Student winner: Ekow Borsah, School of Food Science and Nutrition, Student Equality and Inclusion Champion

Student Group winners: Ekow Borsah (School of Food Science and Nutrition) ; Ceri Cazabon and Sofia Naranjo Juarez, School of Earth and Environment. Equality and Inclusion Champions 

Feedback and Assessment

This category recognises commitment to our students by a member of staff or group of staff who provide our students with an excellent experience in assessment and feedback.

Staff winner: Melvin Holmes, School of Food Science and Nutrition

Student winner: Rachel Palfrey, School of Earth and Environment

Outstanding Student Award

This award recognises a student or student group who has volunteered their time to enhance the learning experience of their peers.  This may be through the creation of community events or supporting the liberation of student groups.

Winner: Antonia Brown, School of Earth and Environment, PGT School Rep


The Global Award celebrates members of our community who work with a global focus. It aims to recognise excellence amongst those who have actively engaged in the promotion and maintenance of international or intercultural activities, education, or competence.

Student winner: Melanie Flynn, School of Earth and Environment 

Staff Winner: Lisa Marshall, School of Food Science and Nutrition

Inspirational teaching/Supervisor Award

This category recognises an individual or group who continually inspires students, using their passion and dedication for a subject area to inspire others to continually develop their thinking and academic skills.

Winner: Amie Lister, School of Food Science and Nutrition

Highly commended: Bernadette Moore, School of Food Science and Nutrition; Stephen Whitfield, School of Earth and Environment.


This award is to recognise an individual’s guidance and support which has encouraged and nurtured others to develop their skills and prospects for the future, helping them to grow and progress, either personally or in their learning.

Student winner: Tighe Stapley, School of Earth and Environment

Staff winner: Tessa Grant, School of Geography

Highly Commended: Jen Dyer and Stephen Whitfield, School of Earth and Environment

Academic Personal Tutor/Supervisor Award

This category features nominations for an exceptional Personal Tutor, dissertation, thesis or final year project supervisor who, through their passion and leadership, promotes academic engagement and a sense of belonging. 

Winner: Charisma Choudhury, Institute for Transport Studies

Highly commended: Lucie Middlemiss, School of Earth and Environment; Natalie Kopytko, School of Earth and Environment; Alan Mackie, School of Food Science and Nutrition.

Postgraduate Researcher

Any registered Leeds postgraduate researcher (PGR) who, while undertaking their own research, makes a significant impact on our learning/research community or the wider world.

Winner: Alexandra-Elena Vitel, Institute for Transport Studies

Highly commended: Max Fancourt, School of Geography


The Wellbeing Award recognises the partnership working across schools and services at Leeds.  Nominations should demonstrate how initiatives have involved students and provided dedication to their wellbeing.

Staff winner: Katie Lake, School of Food Science and Nutrition

Student winner: Zoe Gilbank, School of Geography 

School Community Partnership of the Year Award 

This award celebrates meaningful changes developed in partnership with school staff and students. An example would be - Community working to support the University to reduce the awarding gap.

Staff winner: Natalie Davies-Ania, Faculty of Environment

Highly commended, School of Food Science and Nutrition staff

The Overall Partnership Award 

This Award is a focus of the LUU Partnership Awards and is decided by the shortlisting panel. It is given to the person or people who have been deemed to have had an exceptional impact. Often this will be someone who has been nominated broadly, or particularly active on a specific issue. 
Staff winners: 

•    Stephen Whitfield, School of Earth and Environment. Academic staff
•    Alan Mackie, School of Food Science and Nutrition, Academic staff

Group winners: Faculty of Environment Student Educations Service (SES) teams and partners:
•    School of Earth and Environment SES Team 
•    School of Food Science & Nutrition SES Team 
•    Institute for Transport Studies SES Teams 
•    School of Geography SES Team 
•    Faculty Education Service Officer 
•    Student Success Officer 
•    Student Education Service Operations Manager 

Congratulations to all our nominees and thank you to all staff and students who submitted nominations. 

For further information please contact: 
Natalie Davies-Ania (Education Service Officer)
Faculty of Environment
Email: n.c.ania@leeds.ac.uk