Lewis Wallis

Lewis Wallis


I am a highly motivated postgraduate researcher specialising in food science and nutrition, with a valuable background in Regulatory Affairs. During my integrated Master’s degree in Natural Sciences, I undertook an industry placement at a large multi-national food company, working within their Regulatory Affairs team. The experience equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the food legislative framework that I subsequently utilised within the context of my research on online retail environments.

Alongisde pursuing my PhD, I work as a Regulatory Affairs Advisor at Campden BRI. During my role, I have carried out research for the Food Standards Agency on the topic of cleaning to remove food allergens (FS431160) providing researchers, policymakers and industry with a foundation on which to base future research study designs, guidance development and subsequent industry practice. Sitting at the intersection of academia and industry, I possess critical insights into the implications of legislation on the food environment and incorporates these into my research. I maintain a strong enthusiasm for understanding the potential of policy interventions in promoting healthier and more sustainable dietary choices. 

Research interests

Drawing upon my regulatory expertise, I conduct research on the impacts of legislation on digital food environments (e.g. online retail, meal delivery apps, social media), particularly focusing on measures designed to promote healthier and more sustainable food choices. I explore the continuously evolving landscape of these environments, with a specific emphasis on the features that shape consumer choices and dietary behaviours. 

I have conducted research on the implementation of High Fat Sugar Salt (HFSS) restrictions within online retail environments and my work involves the application of nutrient profiling models to products marketed and sold in digital settings.


  • MNatSc, BSc Natural Sciences (with Industrial Experience) (Food Science, Nutrition, Biochemistry)