Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Bridget dooshima igbetar Bridget Dooshima Igbetar PhD Food Science and Nutrition Nigerian
Didem sanver Didem Sanver PhD in Food Colloids
Heidi Lai Heidi Lai PhD Food Science and Nutrition
Holly Rippin Holly Rippin PhD in public health nutrition British
Joana Encamacao Joana Encarnacao PhD in polyphenols and human health Swiss
Jose villa rodriguez Jose Villa Rodriguez PhD in Food Biochemistry
Julia Gauer Julia Gauer PhD in Food Biochemistry
Michael Houghton Michael Houghton PhD in Food Biochemistry
Ruixian Han Ruixian Han PhD Food Science and Nutrition
Sarah Fancourt Sarah Fancourt PhD in scientific and technological strategies to reduce food waste
Profile picture Vicente Antonio Miron Mérida Vicente Antonio Miron Mérida Food Science and Nutrition PhD Mexican