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Two children are watching a Professor show them the parts of the human body on a model.

Be Curious, the annual University of Leeds family open day, is back for 2024.

A gloved hand holds a test tube containing a sample of blood. there is a label on the test tube which says Fe (Iron) test

Children and young people who are overweight or obese are at significantly higher risk of iron deficiency, according to a study by nutritional scientists at the University of Leeds.

Simrun Punjabi and Husain Alogaily, who run the social enterprise Compost-it with volunteers Orla Smith and Katherine Mustard. Husain is holding a compost bin.

Food waste campaigners are calling on Leeds residents and businesses to get on board with their free collection service that prevents household food waste from going to landfill.

Blue background. Right: colourful illustration of food in a small compost bin. There's a worm in the centre. Text reads: Food Waste Action Week, 18th-24th March.

One-third of all food across the world is wasted. Food waste contributes to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and the misuse of land, energy and water.

A large group of researchers including delegates from southern and eastern Africa, standing together in the Global Food and Environment Institute at Leeds.

Partners from across Africa gathered in Leeds for a week of research dedicated to tackling challenges in food systems and supply chains.