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High fliers survey

Students at the University of Leeds are among the UK’s top ten most targeted by leading employers.

Primary school children eating on a table full of food and lunch boxes

A major survey found that less than two in 100 primary school children in the UK eat packed lunches that meet nutritional standards.

Supermarket aisle showing dairy products

A survey of yogurt ingredients show that sugar levels have significantly decreased over the most recent two years, yet concerns about overall nutritional content remain.

Profile picture of Dr Anwesha Sarkar in the lab

Dr Anwesha Sarkar received the RSC Food Group Junior Medal 2019 as a result of her research which has led to scientific breakthroughs in designing novel food structures with targeted oral lubrication.

Food science research

An interdisciplinary team of scientists led by the University of Leeds have uncovered the fundamental mechanism by which human saliva lubricates our mouth.