Flexible degrees

A food science and nutrition PhD student on the University of Leeds campus

Our degrees have a flexible structure. You have the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad or undertaking an industrial placement and the option to transfer from one of our courses to another after you begin studying here.

Integrated Masters with an industrial placement

All of our programmes are offered as BSc degrees and MSci, BSc degrees. Our MSci, BSc degrees are four-year Integrated Masters courses that extend your studies to Masters level and include a year in industry.

It is possible to switch between the BSc and MSci, BSc versions of a course during the first two years of your degree.

Benefits of an Integrated Masters

There are many benefits if you opt to study for an Integrated Masters degree:

  • Greater breadth and depth of study: you’ll have the opportunity to study more advanced topics in your field of interest
  • Industrial experience: you’ll gain valuable experience of working in industry which will boost your employability and help you in choosing a career path

Switching between courses

Our Nutrition, Food Science and Nutrition, and Food Science courses share a common first year, allowing you the freedom to switch courses up until you start your second year. This means you can experience studying the scientific aspects of food and its health implications at University level before you make your final decision on which course to study.

Industrial placement years

All of our degrees allow you to undertake a placement year. An industrial placement extends the length of a BSc degree to 4 years. On our MSci, BSc degrees your industrial placement takes place during the third year of the course and involves an extended problem-solving project. You have until the beginning of your second year to decide whether or not you would like to do a year in industry.

Study abroad

Our BSc degrees give you the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad. Your year abroad extends the length of your degree to 4 years. You have up until the beginning of your second year to decide whether or not you would like to do a year abroad.

Discovery modules

All of our courses allow you to study discovery modules. Discovery modules give you the opportunity to broaden your studies beyond your core discipline and pursue your personal interests. Discovery modules are organised into 10 themes, representing the breadth of the University’s teaching from arts to sciences.