Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Adriane Esquivel Muelbert Adriane Esquivel Muelbert PhD title: Floristic and functional dynamics in tropical forests
Alice Noble Alice Noble PhD title: Understanding plant-soil feedback effects impacted by peatland fire
Alice Owen Alice Owen PhD title: The diffusion and impact of domestic 'green technology' and the role of 'place'
Ana Cabrera Pacheco Ana Cabrera Pacheco PhD title: The Maya Solar of Yucatán: Transformations of identity, land and livelihoods in urban settlements in Mexico
Arif Rohman PhD in Human Geography at Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy Indonesian
Arizka Warganegara Arizka Warganegara PhD title: Transmigration, Ethnic Revivalism and Power in Indonesia: The Case of Lampung Province
Ben Gillespie Ben Gillespie PhD title: Impacts of flow regulation and Artificial Floods in an upland stream ecosystem
Federico Venturini Federico Venturini PhD title: A critical perspective on social ecology and urban crises: learning about, with and from urban social movements in Rio de Janeiro
Fran Darlington Fran Darlington PhD Ethnic inequalities in health: understanding the nexus between migration, deprivation change and social mobility
Gemma Dooling Gemma Dooling PhD title: Managing Peatlands as Carbon Stores
Greta Dargie Greta Dargie PhD title: Quantifying and understanding the tropical peatlands of the central Congo
James Bell James Bell PhD title: Sedimented chemosynthetic ecosystems of the Southern Ocean
Jessica Baker Jessica Baker PhD title: Reconstructing the Amazon hydrological cycle from oxygen isotopes in tree-ring cellulose
Jing Ma Jing Ma PhD title: Urban form, daily travel behaviour and transport CO2 emission: Micro-level analysis and spatial simulation
Karen Mullin Karen Mullin PhD title: Ecosystem Services and Social Inequalities British
Kathryn Smith Kathryn Smith PhD title: The Impact of Tracks on Blanket Peat
Leon Tellez Contreras León Felipe Téllez Contreras PhD title: Trader Organisations and Traditional Urban Markets: The Political Production of Public Services and Public Spaces Mexican
Magaly Valencia Avellan Magaly Valencia Avellan PhD title: Heavy metal contamination in river water: sources, behaviour and remediation
Marta Giannichi Marta Giannichi PhD title: On-site evaluation of conservation incentives for private lands in Brazil
Michael Thomas Michael Thomas PhD title: Modelling Individual and Place Variations in Residential Moves using Commercial Data and Official Statistics
Owen King Owen King PhD title: Early detection of Himalayan glacial lake development using remote sensing methods
Piers Sellers PhD inBiometeorology
Rakesh Tiwari Rakesh Tiwari PhD title: Sensitivity of tropical forests to heatwaves Indian
Samuel Eze Samuel Eze Impacts of climate change and land management on carbon dynamics of British upland grassland soils Nigerian
Sarah Fell PhD title: Alpine river ecosystem response to glacier retreat British
Scott Watson Scott Watson PhD title: Ice cliff, supraglacial lake and water storage dynamics on the Khumbu Glacier, Nepal
Stella Darby Stella Darby PhD title: Practicing community empowerment while in debt: A participatory action case study at the urban grassroots
Wanyun Ying PhD title: Province-led region-building in China Chinese
Will Barker PhD title: The consequences of herbivory for tropical nitrogen fixation British
Will James Will James PhD title: Glacial reconstruction and ice volume estimation of mountain glaciers
Yunxia Wang Yunxia Wang PhD in Physical Geography Chinese