Dr Graeme Swindles

Thanks to the high calibre of our staff, the University of Leeds is one of the top places in the UK to study physical geography. We have excellent reputation for student education and carry out world-leading research. My research focusses on Earth system science and environmental change. I work in a diverse range of environments from Arctic tundra to tropical rainforests in a range of locations including South and Central America, Canada, Sweden, Britain, Ireland and Alaska.

I have always believed that students are the most important part of a university. I enjoy teaching on field courses in Mallorca, Malham, New Zealand and in the laboratory, lecture theatre and tutorial. We have fun doing science in the field!

As BSc Geography Programme Leader my role is to ensure our students the best possible geographical education. We are all determined that research excellence translates into the most up-to-date degree programmes possible. We want to help our students achieve the very high standards set by our successful alumni.

If you have any programme specific questions please contact me via email: g.t.swindles@leeds.ac.uk

For any questions relating to the admissions process and/or your current application please contact our admissions team.