Amy King, studying in the School of Geography , BSc Geography-Geology (International) course.

Amy King


If I could sum up the University of Leeds in just a few words, it would be that it was a place where you can achieve whatever goals you have the ability to imagine.

In my academic career as a Geography-Geologist, I have always had a huge choice of modules which has made my learning experience varied and interesting and allowed me to channel my learning in a direction which I have chosen to lead me on to a master’s degree next year. With the choices available, and the constant guidance of supportive tutors, I have managed to find my specialities and understand what I want to do in the future; not bad for someone who came to University without a clue of what I wanted to do.

Modules that have been particular highlights of my study have been those involving field trips and, in my final year, those focusing on independent research projects. Devising my own research question, planning and completing fieldwork, organising lab time, and processing the results, has been a steep and exciting learning curve. Throughout my degree I have travelled throughout England, Ireland and Wales and on to Cyprus and Austria, studying some of the best geological localities in the world. As well as using the theory learnt in lectures and applying it to practical situations, I have always come away from field trips with new friends who have been with me for the rest of my degree.

Without a doubt, my year spent studying abroad at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, was the most incredible experience of my time here.  The confidence and independence that comes from doing the year is something I never thought I would have. I studied marine science on the Great Barrier Reef, and geology and geography in Queensland and Tasmania, as well as travelling throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific for 3 months. I made worldwide, life-long friends, and learnt new skills which I have been able to continue after returning to Leeds thanks to the wide variety of clubs and societies and the University Union, of which scuba diving and swimming have to be my favourites. Our student house even came with a pool! For the mums and dads reading this – it was entirely funded using student finance, Australian government scholarships and a part time job while I was there. I remain in touch with my tutors in Brisbane and have a PhD project lined up to return to Australia and continue my studies there after my MSc.

As I finish my final few weeks here in Leeds, I know that I have become a successful and well-rounded person with so many possibilities for the future. Despite being sad to leave, I am looking forward to the future that the last 4 years have set me up for.