Rebecca Fry, studying  in the School of Geography , BA Economics and Geography (Ind) course.

Rebecca Fry

Deciding on a course was one of the hardest parts of applying to university; like the decision of where to study, choosing what to study has the potential to shape your career and life! As I near the final few weeks of my degree, choosing a joint honours course at The University of Leeds was definitely a decision I am glad to have made. 

A joint honours degree here really is your degree- you get choice! As you progress through your three (or four) years, you will be presented with more flexibility over which modules you study. This means that you will be able to select fields that you are interested in, leading to your degree becoming personal to you. I have found this extremely beneficial; I selected modules within both Economics and Geography that consider similar areas of study, but from a completely different angle, which has enhanced my learning substantially.

In my penultimate year of study, I undertook a Year in Industry placement, working for NHS England as an Operational Research Analyst. This provided me with an invaluable insight into ‘the world of work’, and exposed me to how applicable my degree was in the ‘real world’. I have found my degree to be very ‘current’; you are taught the key skills employers look for, enhancing your employability for when you graduate. 

I am not just leaving The University of Leeds with a degree; I am leaving with memories and experiences, a job and a career path, life-long friends and most importantly, I am leaving with the confidence, aspiration and knowledge to achieve whatever I set my mind to.