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A hydropower dam

Scientists have analysed data from nearly three million rivers across the globe to identify where hydropower stations could be sited with limited environmental impacts.

Rainforest in Panama

Reforestation projects could be made more effective with the findings of new research into the constraints on nitrogen fixation among plants.

Cyclist riding along a busy street with blurred cars in the background

Allowing cycling in both directions on one-way streets does not pose a safety risk and should be made mandatory in all but exceptional cases, according to a new study by Leeds researchers.

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By Piers Forster, Professor of Climate Physics, Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate

Shot of the congo peatlands taken across a body of water

The world’s largest tropical peatland turned from being a major store of carbon to a source of carbon dioxide emissions as a result of climate change thousands of years ago, new research has revealed.