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A team of researchers at the base of a tree in a forest. They've put a ladder against the tree and one researcher is at the top of the ladder, tying a measuring tape around the tree.

The brief advocates for a new focus on unexplored areas of the Amazon.

Gender jeopardy

Researchers at the University of Leeds are collaborating with Indonesian-based organisations to support transgender women and climate activism through a board game and creative comics.

The Amazon rainforest

Tropical forests in South America lose their ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere when conditions become exceptionally hot and dry, according to new research.

A Ghanaian person sitting on a stool. In the background we see a pile of used plastic and other rubbish.

A new publication spotlights the perspectives of academics and activists in the Majority World, unified in their aim to achieve climate justice.

Aerial view of a patch of cleared rainforest is cultivated by a digger, with smoke from a fire rising into the sky

Increased carbon emissions from the Amazon rainforest are due to weak law enforcement, new research suggests.