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Diagram of Leeds City Portrait Doughnut Economics model

The city of Leeds has a huge opportunity to meet the needs of all of its citizens and improve the health of the planet, according to a report published today. 

View up through a canopy of trees

Tropical forests are critical for tackling climate change. But fieldworkers are risking their lives to bring nations the carbon information they are clamouring for.

Dr Effie Papargyropoulou, Dr Sara Gonzalez and Suzannah Turner

The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) is delighted to announce three new appointments to its Executive Group.

Mauritia Flexuosa palm forest

Sustainable palm fruit harvesting as a pathway to conserve Amazon peatland forests.

Mauritia canopy (credit: Ximena Tagle)

Changing the way fruit is gathered from a “tree of life” could have hugely positive environmental and financial impacts in Amazonia, according to a new study.