Alex Scoffield (she/her)


I am a PhD student interested in glaciology, remote sensing and modelling. My PhD project, which is funded by NERC Panorama DTP and supported by Water@Leeds, aims to investigate the influence of ice-contact lakes on past and present glacier evolution in the Himalaya, using an integrated remote-sensing, field-based and numerical modelling approach. This will result in the empirical data required to train an existing ice-dynamical model to assess the importance of these lakes, which are often neglected in region-wide projections of glacier evolution. Prior to my PhD, I obtained a Masters by Research in Polar & Alpine Change from the University of Sheffield and a BSc (Hons) in Physical Geography from Manchester Metropolitan University. During my masters, I utilised existing and manually-derived remotely-sensed datasets to examine the dynamic evolution of ~60 Himalayan glaciers over a twenty year period. 

Research interests

  • Glaciology
  • Glacial Hydrology
  • Earth Observation
  • Climate Change
  • GIS


  • MSc (Res) Polar & Alpine Change
  • BSc (Hons) Physical Geography

Research groups and institutes

  • River Basin Processes and Management