Andi Misbahul Pratiwi

Andi Misbahul Pratiwi


As a young feminist scholar and activist with a specialization in gender issues in contemporary Indonesia, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field. I have served as an editor for the Indonesia Feminist Journal for over six years and have conducted extensive research on a variety of topics, including gender, technology, environment, and social policy. My contributions to the field have been recognized, as evidenced by my appointment to the National Commission on Violence against Women in 2021, where I have been actively involved in advocating for gender-responsive policies at the national level. Additionally, I am a member of the Gender Research Centre at the University of Indonesia.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering from Gunadarma University, which I obtained in 2015. In 2018, I received a Master's degree in Gender Studies from the University of Indonesia. During my Master's studies, I focused on aspects related to feminist science and technology studies, with a particular emphasis on the experiences of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in Indonesia and how feminist theory critiques the process and product of technology as patriarchal culture and space.

For my doctoral program, I am focusing on an issue of paramount importance: the intersection of gender, sexuality, technology, and climate change in the Global South, with a specific emphasis on the status of fisherwomen in the midst of the climate crisis era in Indonesia, specifically in the Central Java and South Sulawesi provinces. I will use a feminist-creative approach and method to explore the life experiences of fisherwomen and women in coastal communities across generations, and how they think, use, and produce various forms of technology to adapt with the multiple impacts of climate change. This research will not only add to our understanding of how marginalized communities, particularly women, are affected by climate change but also how they are utilizing technology to adapt and survive.

Research interests

Gender studies in Indonesia; Feminist science and technology studies (feminist STS); Gender and climate change; Creative research methods; Social policy. 


  • B.Eng. in Informatics Engineering, Gunadarma University (ID)
  • M.Sc. in Gender Studies, University of Indonesia (ID)