Isaac Dawson (he/him)

Isaac Dawson (he/him)


I am a PhD student researching proglacial changes occurring due to climate change in Scandinavia, funded by the NERC Panorama DTP. This project will be in partnership with Liss Andreassen (NVE) and Jakob Yde (HVL) in Norway. The main focus of this research will be Jostedalsbreen, Norway, the largest glacier in mainland Europe and it will be comprised of three sections. Firstly, past changes to glaciers and their proglacial areas in Scandinavia will be considered. Specifically, the Little Ice Age extent of glaciers across the region will be reconstructed, revealing the area of proglacial landscape that has been uncovered since this period. The second section will assess present-day processes occurring in proglacial areas at Jostedalsbreen based on a variety of fieldwork methods, primarily using UAV surveys and photogrammetry. Finally, future changes to Jostedalsbreen and its proglacial areas will be examined via numerical modelling techniques.

Prior to my PhD, I studied a BSc in Physical Geography at Newcastle University and an MPhil in the same subject at Universitetet i Bergen in Norway. During this time I spent a period studying glaciology at UNIS in Svalbard, in addition to fieldwork expeditions to Greenland, Iceland, Chile and various areas of Norway.

Research interests

  • Glaciology
  • Proglacial changes
  • Remote sensing
  • Climate change
  • Scandinavia 


  • MPhil Physical Geography - Universitetet i Bergen
  • BSc (Hons) Physical Geography - Newcastle University

Research groups and institutes

  • River Basin Processes and Management
  • water@leeds