Denise Blake

Denise Blake


Impact of Invasive Species on Cultural Ecosystem Services

Project Overview

The project aims to assess the impact of invasive species on Cultural Ecosystem Services using the Falkland Islands as a Case Study. The project will look at the underlying drivers of the placement of Cultural Ecosystem Services including presence of Invasive Species. It will also touch on the public acceptability of invasive species and assess the public’s views on their control and management using techniques in PPGIS. The project will look at where the balance between ecological impacts and public acceptance sits.


  • Dr Guy Ziv
  • Dr Steve Carver


Partial funding through John D M Robertson (Stanley Services) Scholarship

Currently working on PhD part-time in addition to working full-time for the Falkland Islands Government as Environmental Officer, my research interests are in ecology, understanding ecosystem change and environmental management and policy making.

Blake, D., Auge, A. and Sherren, K., 2017. Participatory mapping to elicit Cultural Coastal Values for Marine Spatial Planning in a remote archipelago. Ocean and Coastal Management, 148, pp.: 195-203. Link:


  • MSci in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton