Alejandra Zazueta

Alejandra Zazueta


My research involves the use of different methods to evaluate the impacts of macroalgae invasive species on benthic biogeochemestry; Including porewater nutrients and trace metals, organic carbon storage and C/N ratios.

The methods I have used include: 

  • Elemental CHN 
  • Porewater nutirents
  • C, N, H isotopic composition of algae and sediment
  • CuO oxidation products
  • Chromatoraphy 
  • GIS to analyse spatial macroalgae cover 

Research interests

Coastal eutrophication, sediment biogeochemestry, organic geochemestry, organic carbon storage, estuaries, macroalgae 

Research groups and institutes

  • water@leeds
  • River Basin Processes and Management