Inès François


My name is Inès François. Currently, I’m undertaking an integrated PhD and MSc at the CDT in Data Analytics & Society. I am preparing a thesis entitled “Using data analytics to understand children’s food choice behaviour” supervised by Dr. Hannah Ensaff and Dr. Matthew Homer, and in collaboration with an external partner, SchoolGrid.

I will explore patterns of children’s food choices from automatically collected school food data. I will examine the relationship between the food choices and socio-demographic factors: the age of children and the economic level of their family. 

I graduated with a DUT (i.e., 2-year technical university diploma) in Food Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a master’s degree in Physiological and Psychological Food Choice Determinants from the University of Burgundy-Franche-Comté.

I previously completed a placement as a clinical research assistant in the Center for Taste and Feeding Behaviour and the University Hospital in Dijon with Sophie Barthet, Dr. Agnès Jacquin-Piques and Pr. Laurent Brondel where I studied the differences of sweet taste perception between people living with obesity and healthy people using gustatory evoked potential recordings.

I assessed nutritional status and ran sensory evaluation to determine gustatory threshold. I also interned as a research assistant at Portsmouth University with Dr. Erik Gustafsson where I investigated the effect of contextual factors: the social atmosphere and the complexity of environment on toddlers’ food exploration.

Research interests

Understanding how different factors influence our food behaviours and in particular, during childhood. 


  • MSc Physiological and Psychological Food Choice Determinants
  • BSc Biochemistry and Molecular
  • DUT Food Technology