Ivan Villaverde Canosa

Ivan Villaverde Canosa


Hi there and welcome! My name is Ivan, and I am a second-year PhD candidate at the University of Leeds. My research focuses on how people at the community level perceive, experience, and respond to wildfires in high-latitude contexts, including the Arctic and surrounding boreal regions. I am interested in understanding why people throughout the high North are more or less vulnerable to the effects of wildfires and how we can increase their resilience. I have been involved in various projects at under- and postgraduate levels focusing on assessing climate impacts and vulnerability in spatially explicit and context-specific ways and tracking climate change adaptation at global and regional levels. I am also active in publishing my scholarly contributions in the peer-reviewed literature.

Research interests

  • Wildfire risk and adaptation
  • Community vulnerability and resilience
  • Climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  • Compound impacts


  • MSc, Climate Change and Environmental Policy, University of Leeds
  • BSc, Geography and Territorial Management, University of Santiago de Compostela

Research groups and institutes

  • Climate Change Adaptation, Vulnerability and Services