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Looking towards William Glacier from a ship

Scientists lucky enough to be in the “right place at the right time” witnessed a giant lump of ice breaking away from the William Glacier in Antarctica, a process known as calving.

Logo of European Geosciences Union

Professor Ken Carslaw is the co-executive editor and one of the founding committee of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, which led the way in open access publishing and public peer review.

Trees by a riverside

This multi-partner conservation project aims to restore wildlife habitats in the Ingleborough area. A year since its launch, we celebrate the project's achievements and lay out its next steps.

a photo of Professor Ian Brooks wrapped up in a wool hat with a head torch, scarf and warm jacket, against a dark sky.

Ian Brooks, Professor of Boundary Layer Processes at the University of Leeds, has been awarded the Polar Medal.

Infrared image of person breathing

Seven research teams from the School of Earth and Environment have been awarded funding for new policy engagement projects.