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A manufacturing plant with two rows of conveyor belts, robotic machines on top and alongside.

The continued pursuit of economic growth in high-income countries is at odds with the climate targets and fairness requirements of the Paris Agreement, say researchers.

Researcher Duncan Quincey testing the water running from a glacier, with mountains in the background. The logo overlay reads "Water at Leeds"

This World Water Week, we explore the Faculty of Environment's key research into water.

Satellite image of dust billowing out of the Copper River Valley and extending out over the coast and into the atmosphere.

Giant dust storms in the Gulf of Alaska can last for many days and send tonnes of fine sediment or silt into the atmosphere, and it is having an impact on the global climate system, say scientists.

The University of Leeds Parkinson Building

Atmospheric scientist Dr Jim McQuaid has woken up to a stark reminder of why his work is so important.

A wide view of ice sheets in Antarctica. Image credit: jcrane on Pixabay

With world attention on recent wildfires and floods in North America, Europe and China, people should not overlook the devastating impact of climate change in Antarctica, scientists have warned.