Daniel Clarke wins the IFST Young Ambassador Prize for the second year running

For the second year running, Daniel Clarke (2nd Year, BSc Food Science and Nutrition) has been awarded an IFST (Institute of Food Science and Technology) Young Ambassador Prize.

Daniel’s winning essay on the theme of “Food Sustainability: waste not, want not” looked at determining potential alternative uses of waste generated from the coffee industry.

In industry and in homes coffee silver skins and spent coffee grounds are seen as food waste. Finding uses for them would reduce food waste whilst also helping the environment, as they are both toxic to soil. Both components have anti-microbial and antioxidant properties so could be recycled into food products. Spent coffee ground could also be used as alternative green energy in the form of a biofuel.

Daniel's first year winning entry was based on the theme of food safety, in particular photosensitisation.

Daniel says "I registered for IFST as a student member around February last year to try and get more involved with my subject outside of my degree. I would highly recommend to others that they enter whether they do a food science degree or not. Professionals throughout the food industry attend IFST events across the year and it has given me the opportunity to network with them and get my name out there. My C.V. looked quite bare before I entered the IFST but now it has given me more than enough to talk about, not just related to the IFST itself, but to industry professionals and the information I have learnt from the talks they have given."