Sustainability Awards 2018: Labs win Platinum and Platinum Plus

The School of Food Science and Nutrition wins Platinum and Platinum Plus Awards at the University of Leeds Sustainability Awards 2018

The University held the Annual Sustainability Awards celebrating the amazing sustainability work that has taken place this year, and the people that have contributed to creating positive change on campus and further afield.

Led by the Vice Chancellor and held annually, the sustainability awards recognise efforts around the University for promoting and diversifying work around sustainability. In addition to individual awards, the sustainability service runs an initiative called ‘Green Impact’ for which staff are asked to enter labs and other areas of buildings against criteria set to improve use of resources, raw materials, equipment and to recognise novel ways of reducing environmental impacts

The School of Food Science & Nutrition labs, that are spread out over the Teaching laboratories (Food Technology Lab (G.09), Food Analytical Lab (1.06), Parkinson Research Laboratories (2.19, 2.22 and 2.25) and the Food Biochemistry Research Laboratories (G.08 and G.08a) have all been awarded Platinum Plus and Platinum status. This makes the School of Food Science & Nutrition the highest awarded School throughout the entire University.

  • Platinum Plus – Teaching Laboratories, Food Technology Laboratory (G.09) and Food Analytical lab (1.06)
  • Platinum Plus - Parkinson Research Laboratories (2.19,2.22 and 2.25)
  • Platinum – Food Biochemistry Research Laboratories (G.08 and G.08a)

The School has also been part of a pilot for sustainability with contributions from various stakeholders assessing the inputs and outputs of the School.