Geography community co-creates the degree experience

Over the last 12 months, the School of Geography has brought students and staff together to co-create its vision for a redefined curriculum.

Last week, students were invited to give feedback about how they perceive their degree. They were encouraged to think creatively about how the School of Geography could enhance their time at Leeds.

Their feedback contributes to the School’s strategy for Curriculum Redefined.

Last year, student-led focus groups and workshops helped staff to filter hundreds of pieces of feedback into eight 'Student Priorities' for the School to shape their Curriculum Redefined journey.

Students give feedback to the School

Over 300 students joined the town hall events; they gave over 1500 pieces of individual feedback about their degree experiences.

Their anonymous contributions allowed them to be as honest as they wanted about their experiences of:

  • Their personal tutors and community
  • Decolonising the curriculum
  • Fieldwork
  • Assessment
  • What they love about their degree.

Students reported that their feedback was being listened to and that they recognised their contributions to the School’s decisions.

Others suggested ways that they could learn more from their personal tutors and what would help them engage better with teaching.

With such a wide range of feedback, it’s now for the Geography community to consider and implement the improvements that they can make to the courses.

Last year’s all-student town hall events resulted in the creation of a new interdisciplinary module, a review of the fieldwork provision across Geography, enhanced assessment feedback and more.

We are able to gain a rich insight into the Geography at Leeds experience.

Dr Julie Peacock, Co-Director of Student Education said:

“The community town halls have been instrumental in enabling an honest and thought-provoking discussion between students and staff in Geography. By inviting students to think openly and blue-sky about their degree programmes, we are able to gain a rich insight into the Geography at Leeds experience.”

Dr Helen Durham, Co-Director of Student Education said:

“Following last year's community town halls, the School has been working hard to implement the priorities of our students as we continue to develop our redefined curriculum. We are continuing to implement a decolonised curriculum across our degrees, sparking new community initiatives such as 'GIS Fest' and a houseplant sharing session, and even creating new modules based on our student's academic interest and curiosity.”

Professor Clare Woulds, Head of the School of Geography said:

“It was wonderful to see so many of our students attending the Town Hall events and sharing their views. I had some very helpful and insightful conversations. The feedback that we have gathered is extremely valuable, and it will certainly provide the basis for our next set of actions.”