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Tractor ploughing a field on a sunny day.

Emissions of a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide or methane increased unabated up to 2020, according to a new report which a University of Leeds academic helped to produce.

A spiral fossil shell on a black background.

New research combines climate modelling with fossil shell analysis to understand what a warm future could be like over Western Europe.

The Sustainability Garden at the University of Leeds

A climate education hub that will help young people across all educational settings turn their sustainability ambitions into action will be hosted by the University of Leeds.

A portrait of Ken Carslaw, smiling, next to the logo of the Royal Society. The logo is red background with white text that says the Royal Society in capitals, serif font.

Ken Carslaw, Professor of Atmospheric Science, earns this prestigious recognition for his invaluable contribution to science as a leader in his field.

A lush green landscape with mountains far in the distance. The sky is covered in clouds which get darker as they get further away.

Africa needs long term investment in scientific infrastructure and science careers to allow the continent to adapt to climate change and its effect on weather systems.