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Repeated Infrared image of woman waring face mask breathing

The Sorby Lab has received recognition for their work during the early part of the pandemic to support a Royal Academy of Engineering project – Project CARE.   

Infrared image of person breathing

Seven research teams from the School of Earth and Environment have been awarded funding for new policy engagement projects.

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New research has revealed how currents deep on the ocean floor are able to travel thousands of miles.

Drilling vessel Fugro Synergy preparing for IODP Expedition 381 in the port of Corinth, Greece. Photo courtesy of C. Cotterill (ECORD/IODP).

School of Earth and Environment staff were recently part of the Science Team for IODP Expedition 381

Fall Colours

A recently completed study By Rob Chapman and Dave Banks facilitated by a £40k grant from Geoscience BC was the subject of a press release in Vancouver.