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Image of cyclists, credit: pxfuel

New research shows that electrically-assisted bikes (e-bikes) have the capability to slash carbon dioxide emissions from transport and could offer a safe and sustainable route back to work.

African SWIFT weather forecasters at work

Weather forecasters in Africa are getting access to satellite data that will allow them to track the path and severity of developing storms – and reduce the death toll from extreme weather events.x

aerial view of university

Experts from the University of Leeds are advising the Government on the covid-19 pandemic, including as members of influential scientific panels.

Identifying seedlings, Madre De Dios River, Peru 1998, Oliver Phillips, Unviersity of Leeds

Professor Oliver Phillips recognised for his outstanding contribution to work on Earth’s tropical forests.

Image of Dr Charisma Choudhury

An Institute for Transport Studies researcher is a recipient of a flagship fellowship aimed at addressing global challenges.