Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Brinza Loredana Brinza Loredana PhD in Biogeochemistry
Catherine Scott Catherine Scott PhD title: Understanding the physical science of the climate change
Dr Cathryn Birch - School of Earth and Environment Cathryn Birch PhD in Arctic Meteorology
Dave Abson Dave Abson PhD in the School of Earth and Environment
David Tupman David Tupman PhD title: CO2 exchange between the air and ocean British
Doan Nainggolan Doan Nainggolan PhD in Ecological Economics, Environmental Change and Sustainability
eeeem Eduardo Morgado Bravo PhD in Earth Sciences Chilean
Gabriella Alodia Gabriella Alodia PhD in Institute of Applied Geosciences (IAG) and Institute of Gephysics and Tectonics (IGT) Indonesian
James Pope James Pope PhD in Palaeo-climate British
Jason Lowenstein Jason Lowenstein PhD in Atmospheric Physics
Kirsty Pringle PhD in Atmospheric Science
Krzysztof Niedzialkowski Krzysztof Niedzialkowski PhD in Environmental Social Science Polish
Melise Harland Melise Harland PhD in Earth Sciences British
Patrick Smith Patrick Smith PhD in Volcano Seismology
Philip Antwi-Agyei Philip Antwi-Agyei PhD in Earth and Environment Ghanaian
Prodeo Yao Agbotui PhD Earth Science (Hydrogeology) Ghanaian
Rose Cairns Rose Cairns PhD in the School of Earth and Environment British
alumni Shova Thapa Karki PhD in the School of Earth and Environment
Profile picture of Thomas Slater Thomas Slater PhD in School of Earth and Environment British
Tim Andrews Tim Andrews PhD in Atmospheric Physics British
Picture of Uche looking sideways in an airport Uche Okpara PhD in Environmental Sustainability Nigerian