Northern Monk announces long-term partnership with Restoring Hardknott Forest

Northern Monk’s Faith in Future Foundation commits long-term support to the Restoring Hardknott Forest project, led by the Biosphere Atmosphere Group in the School of Earth and Environment.

Restoring Hardknott Forest is a research and practice project to restore one of the largest conifer plantations in the Lake District National Park. It was selected as a project for long-term support by members of staff at Northern Monk. 

The project is a partnership between the University of Leeds and Forestry England. It combines practical conservation, research and monitoring to restore 630 hectares of native woodland and wildlife-rich habitats to the Lake District. 

The restoration has seen wildlife, including rare species, return to the land. 

The team invites volunteers, school classes and university students to help restore and monitor the site, providing learning and growth opportunities. 

Making a positive contribution to the environment provides a broad range of benefits

John Hodgson, Restoring Hardknott Forest Project Officer said: “Our project to restore Hardknott Forest not only provides a great benefit for lost habitats and rare wildlife, but also for those who come to volunteer with us. We've shown how restoring the forest really works on the ground, as rare plants and animals return and thrive. 

“We have also seen how making a positive contribution to the environment provides a broad range of benefits for those participating in the project. We are really excited by our new partnership with Northern Monk which will help us restore more native woodland and provide more opportunities for volunteers and local school children." 

Ciaran Shier, Positive Impact Director at Northern Monk, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support Holbeck Together, Pyramid and Restoring Hardknott Forest. Previously, we would donate grants to causes and then move onto the next donation. 
“By becoming long-term supporters of these three groups, it means we can make multiple donations to them over the coming months and years, supporting specific projects or goals, fundraise for specific causes, and tell people exactly which charities will benefit from their donations or when they buy our beer.” 

Faith in Futures raises money through various channels including fundraising events, merchandise sales and sales of their Faith in Futures range of beers. The Faith in Futures Foundation donates grants up to £5,000 to a range of community-focused charities, causes and support groups. 

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