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Forest Fires

New research shows that lightning is the biggest threat to boreal forests and that its frequency will increase with climate change.

Yorkshire Dales at Ingleborough. Credit Andrew Parkinson WWF UK.

Researchers and charity partners including Professor Dominick Spracklen and Dr Catt Scott are restoring nature in the Yorkshire Dales.

A fruit and vegetable market.

Read how a group of international and interdisciplinary partners, including Dr Susannah Sallu and Dr Susannah Sallu are developing agriculture strategies in Southern Africa.

Image of air pollution being caused by industrial buildings

Humanity is rapidly reaching the limit for how much additional carbon can be emitted into the atmosphere to keep global warming within 1.5 °C, according to a new research.

Aerial photo of the amazon rainforest

Deforestation in the Amazon causes land surfaces up to 100 kilometres away to get warmer, according to a new study.