Dede Iskandar Siregar

Dede Iskandar Siregar


I am a PhD researcher at the School of Earth and Environment under the Sustainability Research Institute (RIS) with the Business and Organizations for Sustainable Societies (BOSS) research group. My research project explores the circular economy business model in the global south. 

I have a bachelor in human resource management and a master's degree in strategic management. Before joining the University of Leeds, I have four-year experience of teaching undergraduate students with strategic management, operation management, and supply chain management courses. I am also the managing editor of Muhammadiyah Riau Accounting and Business Journal. During my academic career, I have received grants from the government and NGOs to conduct research mainly in strategic management and sustainability. 

Research interests

My research focus is on sustainable production and strategic management. I enjoy conducting academic research and exploring the sustainable approaches and systems that organizations could adopt to ensure long-term sustainability. The keys to my research interest include the following: 
     – Sustainable production and consumption
     – Sustainable business model 
     – Strategic management
     – Circular economy 

Honour and Awards 
2020: Awarded for research grant entitled: Economic value-added from the circular business model. Funded by the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

2020: Awarded for a research grant entitled: Internationalization strategy for higher education: A case study of Muhammadiyah higher institutions, funded by the Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development Central Board of Muhammadiyah

2017: The Best Graduate Student from Master of Management, Universitas Islam Indonesia. 

2015-2017: Master in strategic management, Universitas Islam Indonesia 
2008-2012: Bachelor in human resource management, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara


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Hamdani, R., Siregar, D. I., Marpaung, A. P., Gonggo, R. A., & Sulistiyanti, U. (2022). Investigating the students’ behavior towards the temptation to do academic misconduct in higher education: The moderation of religiosity. Journal of Contemporary Accounting, 4(1), 10–22. 

Siregar, D. I., & Binangkit, I. D. (2021). Business Value-added within the Circular Business Model: A Multiple Case Analysis. Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnsi dan Manajemen. 19(1), 231- 239. 

Siregar, D. I., Binangkit, I. D., & Wibowo, A. (2021). Exploring the internationalization strategy of higher education: A case of Muhammadiyah Higher Institution. Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn), 15(1), 62–70. 

Siregar, D. I., Hinggo, S. H. T., & Zaki, H. (2020). Managing Circular Economy Barriers in Recycling Companies. Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi, 19(3), 239–248.  

Siregar, D. I., & Priyono, A. (2020). Analyzing the Process of Absorptive Capacity: A Case Study of Garment SMEs in Yogyakarta. Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi, 19(3), 308– 319.  

Conference papers
Siregar, D. I., Hinggo, H. T., & Zaki, H. (2019). Circular Economy Framework in Recycling Company: Exploratory study. International Conference of CELSciTech, 75–78.