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We conduct interdisciplinary research on the different dimensions of sustainability

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Sustainability Research Institute

Sustainability Research Institute

We explore a wide range of issues including climate change, energy, transport, water, resource use, land use, conservation, cities and communities, business and lifestyles. We specialise in participatory, action-oriented research that brings together government, business, NGOs and local communities to enhance the relevance, quality and practical influence of our research.

Our research is organised across six interdisciplinary research groups:

Economics and Policy for Sustainability >
Environment and Development >
Social and Political Dimensions of Sustainability >
Business and Organisations for Sustainable Societies >
Energy and Climate Change Mitigation>
Climate Change Adaptation, Vulnerability and Services>

Our broader activities combine social and natural sciences in leading-edge, interdisciplinary research through a series of major international projects and centres including:

Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy >
UK Energy Research Centre >
Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products >

We partner with a range of organisations and our research attracts significant funding from the ESRC, NERC, EPSRC, the EU and a variety of other funding bodies.

If you would like to discuss an area of research in more detail please contact the Institute Directors: Dr Lucie Middlemiss or Dr Martin Dallimer.

View our working papers and briefing notes.

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