Professor Amanda Maycock

Professor Amanda Maycock


I am Professor in Climate Dynamics in the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) at the University of Leeds.


  • 2018 Philip Leverhulme Prize (Leverhulme Trust)
  • 2019 Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Researchers (European Geosciences Union)
  • 2022 STAC Outstanding Early Career Award (American Meteorological Society)
  • 2023 water@leeds Water Woman Award for Research Excellence

Research Fellowships

  • CIRES Senior Scientist Visiting Fellowship, NOAA, Boulder, 2016
  • NERC Independent Research Fellow, 2015-20
  • University Academic Fellow, 2015-17
  • Junior Research Fellow, St Catharine's College, Cambridge, 2013-15
  • AXA Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge, 2013-15



Community service:


  • Academic Lead for Physical Climate Change Group
  • NERC PANORAMA DTP Atmosphere and Climate Theme Leader

Research interests

My research focuses on large-scale climate dynamics including processes affecting climate variability and change.

Research themes:

  • Climate dynamics
  • Climate projections
  • Atmospheric circulation
  • Atmosphere-ocean coupling
  • Stratosphere-troposphere interactions
  • Radiative transfer

Research groups:

Current projects:

  • ExtAnt (co-I, 2024-, NERC)
  • TWISTA (co-I, 2024-, NERC)
  • JetZero Contrails from SAF and H2 combustion; from lab experiments to global mitigation policy, (co-I, 2024-, NERC)
  • Climate Ambassadors Programme (co-I, 2024-, Department for Education)
  • Philip Leverhulme Prize (PI, 2019-2025, Leverhulme Trust)
  • Tropical Width Impacts on the STratosphere (TWIST), (2019-, International Space Science Institute)

Past projects:


  • Quaas, J. et al. (inc A. C. Maycock), Adjustments to climate perturbations -- mechanisms, implications, observational constraints, AGU Advances, in press.
  • Zhang, C., J. Zhang, A. C. Maycock, W. Tian, Distinct tropospheric circulation differences in association with sudden stratospheric warmings accompanied by strong and weak Ural Ridge, npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, revised.

In preparation:

  • Anderson, A., J. Perez and A. C. Maycock, Minimal influence of future Arctic sea ice loss on North Atlantic jet stream morphology, WCD, in prep.
  • Charnay, V., C. M. McKenna, A. C. Maycock, Uncertainty in projected sea surface temperature trends and North Pacific atmospheric circulation, Clim. Dyn., in prep.
  • Maycock, A. C., C. M. McKenna, M. Priestley, J. Perez, J. F. Lockwood, The relationship of European extratropical cyclone hazards to large-scale modes of variability, in prep.
  • Shen, T., and A. C. Maycock, Multi-year ENSO significantly elevates risk of persistent drought and wet conditions across the tropics, in prep.
  • Vito Vacca, A., J. Perez, J. Casadevall, I. Davies, A. C. Maycock, Robust decrease in North Atlantic eddy driven jet variability under future global warming, in prep.
  • Williams, R., A. C. Maycock, V. Charnay, J. Knight, I. Polichtchouk, Exceptionally strong polar vortex favoured intense UK and northern European storminess, in February 2022, in prep.
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  • PhD, Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate, University of Reading, 2012
  • MSc, Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate, University of Reading, 2008
  • MPhys, Physics with Astrophysics, University of Manchester, 2006

Professional memberships

  • Member, Royal Meteorological Society
  • Member, European Geophysical Union

Student education

Current research group:


PhD students

  • Eswyn Chen (CASE with Met Office), Robust future projections for Europe, 2021- 
  • Arundhati Kalyan (CASE with Met Office), Decadal modulation of El Nino Southern Oscillation and its global impacts, 2022-
  • James Norman, Developing actionable seasonal climate information for the wind and solar industry, 2017-
  • Weronika Osmolska (CASE with Met Office), Nature of cold-air outbreaks in Europe in a warming climate, 2022-
  • Jacob Perez (EPSRC Fluids CDT; with Met Office), Regime behaviour of Earth’s jet streams and role for recent extreme weather, 2020-
  • Yvonne Anderson (SENSE CDT; CASE with Met Office), Can air-sea coupling solve the signal-to-noise paradox in climate predictions?, 2023-
  • Paula Romero Jure (SENSE CDT; with NOC), Ocean-atmosphere influences on tropical Pacific cloud feedbacks, 2023-
  • Luisa Alvires Podgurski (SENSE CDT; with BAS), Using Earth-Observation data to classify Atmospheric Rivers and investigate their impacts on the stability of West Antarctic ice shelves, 2023-

Research Assistants

  • Grasiele Romanzini-Bezerra

Academic visitors

  • Andrea Vito Vacca, 2024-
  • Chongyang Zhang, 2023-
  • Tong Shen, 2023-

Past group members

Dr Ryan Williams (StratClust project 2023-24; Now PDRA at BAS); Dr Leo Saffin (PDRA Leeds 2023; Now PDRA Reading Uni); Dr Paloma Trascasa Castro (PhD student Leeds 2019-23; Now PDRA BSC); Dr Christine McKenna (PDRA Leeds 2019-2023; Now Climate Scientist at JBA Risk); Mr Vincent Charnay (Research Assistant Leeds 2022-23; Now PhD student at Victoria Uni Wellington NZ); Dr Will Dow (PhD Leeds 2023; Now PDRA at Leeds); Prashant Mahendran (MRes Leeds 2022; Now Climate Scientist UK Government); Auriel Franklin (MRes Leeds 2022); Dr Tom Wood (PhD Leeds 2021; Now PDRA at Uni. Sheffield); Sachin Jugjeewon (MRes Leeds, 2021; now AI researcher at BT); Dr Andreas Chrysanthou (PhD Leeds, 2020; PDRA Leeds, 2020-21); Marjahn Finlayson (MRes Leeds, 2020, now Cape Eleuthera Institute); Ruari Phipps (BSc Leeds, 2020, now Data Analyst at Planet Mark); Dr Jake Smith (PhD Cambridge, 2019, now PDRA at Uni. Cambridge); Paloma Trascasa (MRes Leeds, 2018, now PhD student Uni. Leeds); David Feitschinger (MSc Leeds, 2018, now Graduate Consultant at Arup); Ella Wingard (Summer intern, 2018, now consultant at Ricardo); Rohan Patel (BSc Leeds, 2018, now Graduate Consultant at CERC); Dr Scott Yiu (PhD Cambridge, 2018, now data scientist at De Beers); Dr Michelle McCrystall (PhD Cambridge, 2017, now PDRA at Uni. Manitoba); Tom Bartle (MRes Leeds, 2017, now Air Quality Consultant at MLM Group); Gibbon Masukwedza (MRes Leeds, 2016, now PhD student at Uni. Surrey); Tom Claxton (BA Cambridge, 2014, now PhD student at Lancaster Uni); Grainne McGread (BA Cambridge, 2013, now at Bank of England); Owain Rutherford (summer student Leeds, 2017, now Software Engineer at Illuminate Technologies); Alice Drinkwater (summer student Leeds, 2016, now PhD student at Edinburgh Uni); Digory Smith (BA Cambridge, 2014, now Content Development Lead at Sparx).

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
  • Climate Science and Impacts
  • Atmospheric and Cloud Dynamics
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols

Current postgraduate researchers

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