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Blue background. Right: colourful illustration of food in a small compost bin. There's a worm in the centre. Text reads: Food Waste Action Week, 18th-24th March.

One-third of all food across the world is wasted. Food waste contributes to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and the misuse of land, energy and water.

A small back alley with redbrick buildings either side and a metal fence at the back.

A new report warns the government’s net zero transition policies could push struggling communities further into deprivation. How can policies create a fair and inclusive transition to net zero?

A tray with two classes of beer, two hot dogs and a mini football.

Switching to plant-based pies, burgers and hot dogs at home football games over the Green Football Weekend would save more than 250,000kg of carbon emissions, new research shows.

A lit up image of the globe as a backdrop to a stage performance. A group of 10 performers stand in front wearing tree costumes.

The Critical Sustainability Stories (CriSS) Tool is being introduced to professional storytellers to help them effectively communicate about the climate.

Two photos of Dhilan. Left is a portrait of him smiling. Right is him carrying two brown bags, food parcels, as he volunteers in Leeds.

Dhilanveer ‘Dhilan’ Teja Singh Bahi sadly passed away on 20 June 2022. His undergraduate dissertation has been published alongside a touching note from his family.