Higher Education Academy recognition for Environment staff

Three academics from the Faculty of Environment have been awarded Fellowships from the Higher Education Academy this month.

Dr Chandra Balijepalli from the Institute for Transport Studies and Dr Sally Russell and Harriet Thew from the School of Earth and Environment received the awards for their commitment to teaching excellence.

"I am really grateful that the HEA has awarded me a Senior Fellowship, recognising the positive impact that my teaching, mentoring, and leadership practice has on others. Colleagues and students constantly inspire and challenge me to keep improving, so it’s been a valuable process to reflect and acknowledge that the positive impact goes in both directions” said Dr Sally Russell, who was awarded a Senior Fellowship.

'I am excited with the achievement of fellowship which gives me a recognition for the approaches that I follow in my teaching and learning practice. I am looking forward to improving my teaching practice further by engaging with continuing professional development opportunities' said Dr Balijepalli.

Harriet Thew, a PhD student in the School of Earth and Environment also received a Fellowship despite initially considering applying for the Associate Fellowship instead.

“I am delighted to have been awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. As a Graduate Teaching Associate and PhD student I initially intended to apply for Associate Fellowship. However, after a lot of encouragement from colleagues and my cross-faculty mentor, I overcame my imposter syndrome and went for the full Fellowship – and I’m so glad that I did!” she said.

“I adore teaching and put a lot of time and energy into enriching the student experience. This can be a difficult balance alongside PhD study but our students in the School of Earth and Environment are a constant source of inspiration and hope which, as a climate change researcher, is particularly important in staying motivated. The application process encouraged reflection on my teaching practice and deeper investigation of the pedagogical literature which I found very rewarding and which has already prompted further development of my teaching methods. I highly recommend it to all” she added.

The Higher Education Academy is a way of encouraging academics to continue professional development within teaching and support for learning. Gaining a Fellowship evidences the commitment to being part of the vibrant student education community at the University of Leeds. The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) reflects the teaching and student education support, which is necessary in order to gain a HEA Fellowship.

Academics who wish to be considered for HEA Fellowships are able to apply through the Professional Recognition in Student Education (PRiSE) scheme by making a written submission.

Further information:

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