Professor Anwesha Sarkar receives the McBain Medal

Professor Sarkar has been awarded the 2024 McBain Medal by the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) for outstanding achievements in colloid and interface science.

The McBain Medal is awarded to scientists for a significant contribution to colloid and interface science within 15 years of their PhD completion. 

Professor Sarkar’s achievement marks the first time that this medal has been awarded to a food scientist. 

It recognises her significant contribution towards the fabrication of sustainable microgels, providing molecular-level understanding of their interfacial behaviour in liquid-liquid interfaces and solid tribo-contact surfaces. 

The SCI McBain Medal will be awarded to Professor Sarkar on November 1 2024 at Nexus, University of Leeds. 

Professor Sarkar’s research 

The applications of Professor Sarkar’s research into colloidal soft solids such as microgels include improving plant-based meat texture without adding fat having a huge implication on alternative protein sector, discovering eco-friendly ways to process plant protein-rich fibrous foods as well as discovering novel soft colloid-based therapies for dry mouth conditions

Her interdisciplinary colloid science research supports sustainability and human health. 

Professor Sarkar leads the Sarkar Lab at the University of Leeds, an interdisciplinary research team that investigates topics including people’s experience of food through its colloid structure and applies their results to support global challenges like sustainability. 

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