Research collaboration

Are you looking to research and develop an exciting new project? Are you seeking funding to get an idea off the ground?

If so, then our specialist expertise might be just what you’re after. We have an expert team, which supports our academics to exchange vital knowledge and experience with organisations like yours. Additionally, we can offer you access to our world-leading knowledge, facilities, expertise and technology.

Our expertise include:

  • all areas of human and physical geography
  • data modelling ranging from population and ecosystem modelling, to health and human behaviour, to tackle a wide range of social and environmental problems
  • hydrological surveys and water footprinting
  • statistical expertise for sustainability projects.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We’re looking to work alongside forward-thinking external partners with whom we can tackle major social, political and environmental challenges by:

  • applying and developing our research skills, technologies and methodologies
  • accessing grant funding for applied research and development.

Recent examples of how we've collaborated with a range of organisations include:

  • Our research has helped water companies including Yorkshire Water pursue catchment management change to reduce capitally intensive "end-of-pipe" treatment technologies. Find out more.
  • Decision making by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been directly influenced by our research. Find out more.
  • We have worked with Ford, Exxon, HBoS and Asda-Walmart to maximise store profitability and reconfigure retail networks to fit changing market conditions. Find out more.

Consultancy and contract research

If you’d prefer to benefit from our knowledge, facilities, expertise and technology on a direct fee basis, in which you retain full intellectual property, we can arrange a consultancy contract or research contract instead. We have a range of specialist expertise, which can be provided directly to your organisation as consultancy or contract research. Under a consultancy contract (which usually involve commercially sensitive projects) you would normally retain full intellectual property rights.

Projects are scoped jointly by the individuals to be involved and can encompass access to equipment and specialist software. Sometimes there are opportunities to link to student summer internships or projects – this will give you faster and more cost-effective delivery.

Contact us

Maxine Porter, Consultancy Officer
t: +44 (0)113 343 3107