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Two children are watching a Professor show them the parts of the human body on a model.

Be Curious, the annual University of Leeds family open day, is back for 2024.

A landscape view of the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain range. To the left, two people are hiking on a stony path.

A new paper makes the case for an updated Wilderness Quality Index (WQI) across Europe, including non-EU states, to ensure precious wild landscapes and ecosystems are protected.

A digital illustration with the comic-style heading

The School of Geography LGBTQ+ Students’ Group marked the International Day of Transgender Visibility with members of Sanggar Seroja, a collective of transgender women based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A sepia photo from 1935. Three men stand atop a pile of wood and brick rubble, in front of the single remaining wall of a house.

A highly visual online exhibition co-created by Dr Arjan Gosal focuses on the effects of colonialism and geographical studies on people living with natural hazards.

A large group of researchers including delegates from southern and eastern Africa, standing together in the Global Food and Environment Institute at Leeds.

Partners from across Africa gathered in Leeds for a week of research dedicated to tackling challenges in food systems and supply chains.