Abigail Hitt, studied in the
 School of Geography , BA Geography and Management (Int)

Abigail Hitt

Studying both geography and management at the university has allowed me to explore my interests in these two subjects further. I feel as though I have the best of both worlds because I have learnt about the core elements of each subject, whilst also had the flexibility to tailor my course to my personal interests and career aspirations.

Geography has continued to develop and enhance my understanding of the natural world and how humans have affected it. From studying glaciers and ecosystems to natural resources and sustainability, I have gained a deeper understanding of the global processes. One highlight of this course was the fantastic second year field trip to Mallorca whereby direct engagement with the landscape allowed for a better grasp of the topic. It also provided a chance to meet more people on my course, resulting in more friends!  

The Management aspect of my degree has led me to develop an understanding of the processes for managing an organisation. Modules such as Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain Logistics and Corporate Social Responsibility have broadened my understanding of the working world. In addition, the course offered me the invaluable opportunity to have work experience with Marks and Spencer in their Head Office in London. 

Undoubtedly, joint honours have given me a breadth of knowledge I would not have gained from single honours, developed my ability to recognise links between different disciplines and how to apply transferable skills to any situation which in turn has enhanced my future employability. I am really enjoying my degree and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone.