Rafael Mendes-Browne


I am a Human Geographer with an interest in British Ethnomusicology, focusing on Multiracial Studies. Funded by the Leeds Doctoral Scholarship (LDS), my project is titled ‘Rethinking Race: Investigating Racial Identification within British Mixed and Multiracial Music Professionals‘. The main aim of my research is to capture experiential knowledge of Mixed professionals’ experiences within the British music industry, to increase discourse surrounding Mixed cultural expression and opinions. Alongside this, I will be investigating how music culture helps to create British multiracial identification as well as what role the British music industry has in assisting multiracial expression.

Research interests

  • Critical Race Theory
  • Critical Multiracial Theory
  • Black British Cultural Diaspora
  • Geographies of Music
  • Geographies of Identity
  • 21st Century British Music Culture


  • BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology, University of Hull
  • MMus in Ethnomusicology, University of Hull

Research groups and institutes

  • Social Justice, Cities, Citizenship