Faten Almjlad


I am a PGR in human geography who conducts research about constructions of religious identities among young Muslim people in England and the dynamic relationship between learning spaces and worshiping places in this regard.

I completed a master’s degree in Human Geography (2010–11) at the University of Taibah in KSA.

Research interests

My PhD project aims to understand the relationships between the prevalence of Muslim faith schools and particular functions of mosques in England regarding the construction of religious identities of young Muslim people. My project uses qualitative methods involving case studies based on interviews with members of Muslim communities to discover how they perceive the roles and critical implications of England-based Muslim faith schools and mosques in shaping a diversity of such identities.

This project is supervised by Prof. Robert Vanderbeck and Dr. Martin Zebracki (School of Geography, University of Leeds), and Dr. Maxim Samson (external, DePaul University). 


  • Master degree in Human geography, University of Taibah ,KSA
  • Bachelor degree in Geography , KSA