Professor Robert M Vanderbeck



I am a social, cultural and urban geographer whose research focuses on issues of social difference, identities, relationships, and contemporary processes of social and legal exclusion.  In particular, I have a sustained interest and expertise in the following areas:

  • The geographies of childhood and youth (particularly the processes that marginalise children and young people in contemporary society)
  • Intergenerational space and intergenerational justice
  • The influence of religion on law and policy related to same-sex relationships and sexual orientation equality (particularly related to law and policy concerning schools, same-sex marriage, and equalities legislation)
  • Transnational religion and debates about sexuality and same-sex relationships, with a particular emphasis on the Anglican Communion
  • Geographies of race and racism
  • Urban public spaces
  • Qualitative methodologies and international comparative research

I adopt an interdisciplinary approach to research, drawing on (and seeking to contribute to) fields including sociology, anthropology, childhood and youth studies, sociolegal studies, religious studies, and environmental studies.


I attended high school in Florida where I studied at a so-called 'magnet school' which was created to promote voluntary desegregation of the highly segregated Broward County school system. I graduated as a National Merit Scholar and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I completed a BA degree in Geography, having spent the first year and a half (in classic American university style) uncertain about which subject would be my 'major'. However, after taking many classes in diverse subjects, I found the UNC Geography department to be the place that taught about the issues I cared most about in a contemporary, relevant and truly international way (inequality at diverse scales, segregation, youth, gender and sexuality, and more). I had the opportunity to study at UNC Geography with some inspiring academics including Altha Cravey, James H. Johnson Jr., Thomas Whitmore, and Melinda Meade, each of whom left a lasting impact on me. 

I stayed in Chapel Hill to study for my MA degree under the direction of Jim Johnson, a period during which I also worked as Programme Manager for the Durham Scholar Program, an after-school, weekend and summer programme that launched in 1995 to increase educational opportunities and University access for young people living in a set of inner-city neighbourhoods in Durham, North Carolina.  After completing my MA, I moved to Sheffield, U.K. to complete my doctoral studies under the supervision of Peter Jackson. 

My doctoral research focused on the social exclusion of Gypsy-Traveller young people in the U.K., and this research involved a substantial ethnographic component working with a voluntary sector support group for Gypsy-Travellers. I served there as a volunteer youth worker and creche worker over a three year period. Having completed my doctorate, I accepted my first academic post at the University of Vermont, where I worked for four years in a small department with some very engaging and talented colleagues. In Vermont, I had the pleasure of volunteering with Outright Vermont, an excellent initiative for LGBTQ youth in Vermont that is still going strong.  I subsequently moved back to the U.K. to work at the University of Leeds, where after twelve years I was appointed Head of School in 2017. I continue my personal interest in working with young people in practical  and supportive ways, having volunteered weekly as a youth worker with Leeds City Council since 2005.


  • Head of School

Research interests



Diprose, K., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Liu, C., and McQuaid, K. (2019) Climate Change, Consumption and Intergenerational Justice: Lived Experiences from China, Uganda and the U.K. Bristol: Bristol University Press.  

Johnson, P. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2014)  Law, Religion and Homosexuality.  London: Routledge.  [Reviewed in European Human Rights Review; Feminist Legal Studies; Social and Legal Studies; Ecclesiastical Law Journal

Edited books

Vanderbeck, R.M. and Worth, N. (eds) (2015) Intergenerational Space.  London: Routledge. [Reviewed in Children’s Geographies; Children, Youth, EnvironmentsJournal of Intergenerational Relationships]

Punch, S. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (eds) (2018)  Families, Intergenerationality and Peer Group Relations. Volume 5 of the series Major Reference Work on Geographies of Children and Young People (series editor: Tracey Skelton). New York: Springer. 

Articles in peer reviewed journals

McQuaid, K. Vanderbeck, R.M., and Mbabazi, L. (2021) ‘Girls have powers’: using research-led arts to connect policymaking with girls’ lived experiences in UgandaGender, Plade and Culture. 8(5): 605-26.

Falcetta, S., Johnson, P., and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2021) The experience of religious same-sex marriage in England and Wales: understanding the opportunities and limits created by the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.  International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family.  35(1).

Zebracki, M., Janssens, F., and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2021) Gay monuments in queer times: Amsterdam’s Homomonument and the politics of inclusive social practice.  Sexualities

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Liu, C., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., McQuaid, K., and Diprose, K. (2018) Placing 'sustainability' in context: narratives of sustainable consumption in Nanjing, China.  Social & Cultural Geography.  Online advance access. 

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Edited journal special issues

Bell D., Chatterton P., González S., Hodkinson S., Unsworth R., and Vanderbeck R.M. (2007) Northern Urban Renaissance?  Yorkshire & Humber Regional Review.  Special Edition.  pp. 1-2 [co-edited special issue, with editorial introduction]

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Book chapters and sections

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Johnson, P.J., Vanderbeck, R.M., and Falcetta, S. (2017) Religious marriage of same-sex couples : A report on places of worship in England and Wales registered for the solemnization of same-sex marriage. Report. University of York and University of Leeds.  Available at:

 [This report was covered in media sources including the following: the Daily Telegraph (, Yorkshire Post (, twice in PinkNews ( (, twice in Gay Times ( (, Thinking Anglicans (, Christian Today (, Evangelical Focus (, Premier Christianity ( Revealed-number-of-gay-weddings-at-churches), Christian Daily (, and Law & Religion UK (].    

Vanderbeck, R.M. (2011) An Evaluation of the Leeds City Council Equalities Assembly.  Leeds City Council. Summary report available at: 111020-robert-vanderbeck-equalities-assembly-report.pdf

Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Ward, K., Sadgrove, J., and Andersson, J. (2010)  Sexuality and Global Faith Networks: A Research Project on Debates over Homosexuality in the Anglican Communion. Available at: fileadmin/downloads/school/research/groups/faith/ACCESSIBLE_REPORT.pdf 

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  • PhD, University of Sheffield
  • MA, University of North Carolina
  • BA (Hons), University of North Carolina

Student education

I contribute to teaching in the following areas:

  • research design and qualitative research methods
  • urban and social geographies of Miami as a global city 
  • social difference and identities
  • undergraduate tutorials
  • undergraduate dissertations

Research groups and institutes

  • Social Justice, Cities, Citizenship

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