Pietro Bellomo

Pietro Bellomo


I am a cultural geographer mainly specialized in socio-spatial interactions in the contemporary urban environment. During my university career I studied various fields of both humanities and social sciences. I obtained a first class honur Bachelor degree in Modern Humanities from the University of Palermo in 2016. Thanks to this degree I have acquired a thorough knowledge of various disciplines among which the main ones are: Italian, English and German literature; Latin literature and translation; medieval and contemporary philology and linguistics; sociology; ancient, Greek, Roman, medieval, modern and contemporary history; human and economic geography; philosophy; ancient topography. In 2018 I obtained a first class honor Master degree with deistinction in Anthropological, Historical and Geographical Studies. During the Master I studied the aspects related to contemporary history and cultural geography even more with a particular focus on the changes in the urban environment in Western society in the last 2 centuries.

During my life I have always actively participated in social and cultural promotion in problematic neighborhoods. In particular, I have collaborated in the organization of numerous events with the aim of helping minorities, both ethnic and gender, to better integrate into society. Among these, the most relevant and most successful project I conducted was a participatory research in a reception center for refugee children, mainly from Africa. The main purpose of this project was to use painting as a tool for social integration.Furthermore, I have participated and organized scientific dissemination events. Among these the most important has been an internal conference sponsored by the Anthropological Institute of the University of Palermo and the National Institute of Astrophysics of Palermo, entitled "Man and the cosmos in history", that I conceived and organized in 2018.



Research interests

My main research interest is the socio-spatial interactions man / man, man / environment, within contemporary urban realities. In particular, I am interested in all forms of expression both from a semiotic and an interactional point of view. For this reason, I am currently devoting my attention to the impact that public art can generate on local communities. However, my aim is not only academic but above all social. In fact, as a researcher, I believe it is my duty to work to make society better and for this reason I have chosen to work in the field of Human Geography.

This project is supervised by Dr. Martin Zebracki and Prof. Robert Vanderbeck (School of Geography, University of Leeds).


  • MA - Historical, anthropological and geographical studies. First class honours degree cum laude
  • BA - Modern humanities

Research groups and institutes

  • Social Justice, Cities, Citizenship