Xitong Dai


Xitong is on the integrated MSc and PhD programme, run by the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) and the School of Geography. Prior to this programme, Xitong completed an MSc in Psychological Approaches to Health at the University of Leeds, in September 2021.

Research interests

At present, her research area is investigating the role of social interactions, identity, and network on people’s meat-eating behaviour. Her primary focus is on using an agent-based simulation model to study the impact of social influence and social network on the adoption of the vegetarian or vegan diet, with the aim of explaining some observed social phenomena, such as the clustering and polarisation of meat-eating behaviour in the population, and deepening our understanding of the social dynamics in the spread of vegetarian diet among people. 


  • MSc Psychological Approaches to Health
  • BSc Applied Psychology