Tilen Kolar

Tilen Kolar


I am a PhD student, recipient of an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) 1+3 postgraduate award. In my work, I am interested in how the home as a spatial and temporal practice operates on different scales – intimate, urban–rural, national, and European. I am focusing specifically on the production of queer space in Slovenia, arguably a European semi-periphery without a metropolis – a country that does not have ‘a big city’, which impacts the ways in which people approach sex, friendships, queer art, identity. 

In my extensive ethnographic fieldwork research, an emerging community of drag performers and other artists are an anchor in my fieldwork. In general, I like thinking about space and time through landscapes – assemblages of what ‘it is’ and how we write and think about/from it.  

Throughout my studies in Leeds, I have also been collaborating on a research project Queer Memorials, specifically focusing on memorialising practices at the Homomonument (Amsterdam) and inclusivity around it, which also made me interested in temporal aspects of things around us.  

Research interests

Geographies of Sexuality. 

Geographies of Encounter. 

Thinking through temporalities.  

European semi-peripheries. 

More-than-representational thinking. 

Art, memory and space. 

The ontology of urban – rural binary. 

Space/time of consumption. 



PGR Representative at Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) 

WRDTPA Digital Technologies, Communication and Artificial Intelligence Pathway 

Social Justice, Cities, Citizenship Research Cluster at the School of Geography, University of Leeds.  


  • MA Social Research, University of Leeds
  • BA Economics and Geography, University of Leeds