Dr Gordon Mitchell co-authors chapter in report published by Dame Sally Davies Chief Medical Officer for England

Dr Gordon Mitchell, School of Geography at the University of Leeds has co-authored a chapter in a report which is featured on the Department of Health and Social Care website.

The report was published by Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England.

The report comprises of nine chapters, with the first written by Professor Dame Sally Davies herself, and then follows with eight topic chapters which inform the development of chapter one. Dr Gordon Mitchell co-authored chapter six on ‘Pollution and Inequality’ with Gordon Walker from Lancaster University and Jamie Pearce at Edinburgh University.

The chapter synthesises evidence on pollution (particularly air quality) and inequality in the UK, much of it drawing on work Gordon has already published with colleagues from the University of Leeds; ‘Air quality management leaves poor behind’. The chapter also summarises that ‘There are strong geographical differences in the occurrence and concentration of pollutants. Analysis shows that these patterns, which vary by pollutant type, are related to measures of socioeconomic status, with pollution sources and higher concentrations of ambient pollution typically found in more socially disadvantaged areas.’

Dame Sally Davies picks out chapter six, co-authored by Dr Mitchell in her foreword: “And who will benefit from this? Clearly we will all benefit but those dedicated to reducing health and environmental inequalities may take particular interest in Chapter 6 of this report, ‘Pollution and inequality’.”

Read the full report here.