Faculty to support two partner-led CDTs

​​​​​​Academics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences will contribute to two partner-led ESPRC Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

In addition to the three CDTs already being led by the University of Leeds, the university has partnered with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Aerosol Science (CAS) and the Centre for Doctoral Training in Soft Matter for Formulation and Industrial Innovation (SOFI2).

Led by the University of Bristol together with six university partners, the CAS will train students to work at the boundaries between the many different disciplines relevant to aerosols, which include the environmental, physical, life and medical sciences, as well as engineering.

The CDT’s university partners are:

  • The University of Leeds
  • The University of Hertfordshire
  • The University of Cambridge
  • The University of Bath
  • The University of Manchester
  • University College London

After completing seven months of training at Bristol, students will have the opportunity to undertake a three-month thematic broadening placement at a partner institution, and may later choose to complete their PhD there too.

With Professor Andrew Bayly (School of Chemical and Process Engineering) acting as local director, Professors Dwayne Heard and John Plane from the School of Chemistry will supervise projects at the University of Leeds, alongside colleagues from the Faculties of Environment and Engineering.

Meanwhile, SOFI2 - the second iteration of this CDT - is being led by Durham University in partnership with the universities of Leeds and Edinburgh and a consortium of industrial partners, including Nestlé, AkzoNobel and Unilever. Students will learn high-level soft matter sciences within an industrial context, as well as having the option of undertaking a mini-MBA.

The programme includes a six-month training project at a partner institution, where students may also complete the remainder of their PhD.

Professor Daniel Read (School of Mathematics) is the local director for SOFI2 at Leeds, with Dr Michael Ries (School of Physics and Astronomy) responsible for admissions. Potential supervisors will be drawn from a large pool of experts across the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences and School of Chemical and Process Engineering.

Academic staff from across the faculty will also contribute to all three University of Leeds-led ESPRC CDTs that were announced earlier in February: Fluid Dynamics, Molecules to Product and Water-WISER.

Contributors to CAS:

School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Professor Andrew Bayly (Director and co-investigator)

School of Chemistry

Professor Dwayne Heard

Professor John Plane

School of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Nik Kapur

School of Earth and Environment

Professor Ben Murray

School of Civil Engineering

Professor Catherine Noakes

Contributors to SOFI2:

School of Mathematics

Professor Daniel Read (Director and co-investigator; soft matter theory, rheology)

Dr Mike Evans (soft matter theory, statistical mechanics)

Dr Oliver Harlen (fluid dynamics, rheology)

School of Physics & Astronomy 

Professor Helen Gleeson (liquid crystals, photonics, self-assembly)

Professor Cliff Jones (liquid crystals, devices, manufacturing)

Dr Simon Connell (AFM, biophysics, soft matter)

Dr Lorna Dougan (biomolecular self-assembly and forcing)

Dr Peter Hine (polymers, composites)

Dr Johan Mattsson (glass, non-equilibrium soft matter)

Dr Mamatha Nagaraj (liquid crystals, devices, imaging)

Dr Michael Ries (Admissions and co-investigator; nmr, polymers, ionic liquids)

School of Food Science and Nutrition

Professor Brent Murray (food colloids, emulsions, foams, gels)

Professor Michael Rappolt (X-ray scattering, lipids, colloids)

Dr Anwesha Sarkar (tribology, emulsions, gels, colloids)

Dr Rammile Ettelaie (modelling, emulsions, foams, films)

School of Chemistry

Dr Paul Beales (biophysics, nanotechnology, vesicles)

Dr Paul Thornton (polymer and materials chemistry)

School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Dr Olivier Cayre (colloid and particle engineering, interfaces)

Dr David Harbottle (surface chemistry, multiphase flow)


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