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Three rows of wind turbines coming out from the sea, against a blue sky.

New research shows that, despite previous beliefs, renewable energy systems have a higher ‘energy return on investment’ than fossil fuels.

Blue background. Right: colourful illustration of food in a small compost bin. There's a worm in the centre. Text reads: Food Waste Action Week, 18th-24th March.

One-third of all food across the world is wasted. Food waste contributes to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and the misuse of land, energy and water.

A small back alley with redbrick buildings either side and a metal fence at the back.

A new report warns the government’s net zero transition policies could push struggling communities further into deprivation. How can policies create a fair and inclusive transition to net zero?

A tray with two classes of beer, two hot dogs and a mini football.

Switching to plant-based pies, burgers and hot dogs at home football games over the Green Football Weekend would save more than 250,000kg of carbon emissions, new research shows.

A lit up image of the globe as a backdrop to a stage performance. A group of 10 performers stand in front wearing tree costumes.

The Critical Sustainability Stories (CriSS) Tool is being introduced to professional storytellers to help them effectively communicate about the climate.